A well laundered and ironed dress can help you clinch that deal you’ve been working at for days together. At myHangers, you can specify the kind of services that you require and we will ensure that your clothes come back in exactly the same condition that you had specified. myHangers is the only high-end and professional laundry shop in Mangalore. These are some of our features that help us serve you better:

  • Friendly and attentive staff to cater to your needs
  • Free and on-time pick-up and delivery services
  • Prompt SMS/email notifications and reminders
  • Unique coding system to ensure that the right clothes reach the right person
  • Use of environment friendly cleaning equipment and agents

myHANGERS feels pride in providing personalized and professional laundry services to our clients. We ensure that you will be more than satisfied with our services. We promise to our clients with world-class customer care because we listen and respond to their needs. Our team extends a warm, enthusiastic, and friendly attitude to our customers.

We are the industry leaders we consistently pursuit for excellence in laundry services. We owe our success and growth to our best in the class services. We meet their specific needs by understanding your washing requirements. Our experts combine environment-friendly cleaning products and the latest technology to deliver exceptional results.


Founded by Renwick Gregory Mendonca in 2017, myHANGERS is made up of a close knit team of four highly dedicated staff members who are in the business for many years. myHANGERS offers digitized laundry services and wish to reach out to maximum number of people. At myHANGERS, we believe in letting our services speak for us. Our laundry services in Mangalore includes cloth washing, dry cleaning, steam ironing, ordinary ironing, customized washing and many more. Be it commercial laundry or domestic laundry, we will be at your doorstep on your first call. We are one of the fastest growing laundry and dry cleaners in Mangalore. Recently we have opened new laundry shop in Manipal, Udupi. This is our third laundry outlet in Coastal Karnataka.

Our motto is: “To provide customized and user friendly service to individuals in various walks of life. We ensure that there is no room for grievance through our concierge service, strategic marketing, innovative technology and superior cleanliness.

Personal Anecdote

I was always keen to develop an innovative business since my childhood days. And hence I came up with the concept of a digital laundry services which could manifest my idea into a successful business. Working as an entrepreneur creates a sense of pride. Further, it helps to build connections with people around the world. Personally, I am not only motivated to function as an entrepreneur but as a professional who is interested in forging strong relations with people from various walks of life and serving the society. myHANGERS is born out of this ideology and it is set up to serve households. We at myHANGERS take pride in listening to our customer needs and serving them with a smile. Currently myHangers is one of the most trusted trusted laundry in Mnaipal and Mangalore.


Here’s how we could help you manage an important aspect of your household duties. Do you want your suit to be perfect for that business meeting, scheduled for tomorrow? No worries! We’re just a call or SMS away. Give us a call and let us do the rest! Liked our service? Wish to enjoy it on a regular basis? Let us know your two most preferred days of the week. We’ll pick up your clothes at the specified time and return them absolutely fresh and clean!

Bejai Shop, Mangalore




  • Shirt – Rs. 12.75
  • Saree – Rs. 55.00
  • Blazer – Rs. 50.00

Dry Cleaning

  • Shirt – Rs. 60.00
  • Blazer – Rs. 200.00
  • Saree(Cotton) – Rs. 100.00
  • Blanket – Rs. 175.00

Wash & Fold

  • Shirt – Rs. 25.00
  • Bedsheet – Rs. 40.00
  • Curtain – Rs. 30.00
  • Quilt – Rs. 70.00

Wash & Iron

  • Shirt – Rs. 35.00
  • Saree – Rs. 90.00
  • Salwar Kameez – Rs. 95.00
  • Bedsheet – Rs. 60.00


Q. How are we different from other laundry services?

A. Free pick-up and delivery, Barcoded & Personalized tagging of Garments, Best of the chemicals, Signature laundry bags, Competitive pricing and excellent customer service are the features that set us apart.

Q. What are the types of services myHangers provides ?

A. We provide Wash & Fold, Wash & Iron, Dry-clean, Ironing and Customized Washing services.

Q. What areas do you deliver to?

A. We provide regular delivery service throughout Bejai. Extended to Kadri Park, Kadri Temple, Bunts Hostel, Mallikatta, Nantoor Junction, Balmatta, Jyoti, PVS, MG Road, Lalbagh, Bendore, Bendorewell and Lady hill.

Q. How Do I Sign up for Delivery Services ?

A. You can Sign up online using the sign up form or if you prefer things "the regular way" you can call and talk to us live at 7760200100 to schedule your pick up.

Q. How does the free delivery service work ?

A. It's very simple and convenient. Once you’ve signed up, we come by your house twice a week. Each time, we’ll pick-up your laundry and / or deliver your clean items. We provide you with our Signature garment bags for your next service. It can go the same way for your garments to iron or dry clean.

Q. What if I donot have the clothes to give the next time ?

A. We believe in customer satisfaction and retention, if there are no garments at the time of delivery of the first batch for the next service, kindly let our executive know the next time to visit your house. Kindly note we donot have a policy to charge you for delivery.

Q. I had to go out urgently. What about my clothes?

A. We do understand that there are times when you might not be at home. In such situations, just inform your neighbors or inform us. We can arrange for an alternative delivery time.

Q. What are your laundry timings ?

A. We are open from 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week.

Q. How do I make the payment?

A. We have a variety of flexible payment options. You could choose to pay us in cash, through credit card or debit card.

Q. Will my clothes be completely stain free?

A. We do our best to remove tough stains and even use some of the best stain removers available to help us in this process. However, there are some stains that are extremely difficult to remove completely and can be erased only by compromising on the quality of the fabric. In such cases, we will inform you beforehand. The decision will be yours.

Q. Can I have my pick-up and delivery order rushed?

A. Yes, myHANGERS offers NEXT DAY delivery for an additional 35% surcharge. Simply call 0824-2211033 .


Contact Information

Bianca Apartments, Shop No-3
Bejai Main Road, Mangaluru - 575004
Email: info@myhangers.net
Mobile No: 7760200100
Phone No: 0824-2211033